Trip Deposit Rate
2 Hour Harbour Tour $100.00 Cdn $200.00 Cdn for the first 2 people,
then an additional $25.00/person up to a total of 6 people.
Children under 2 ride for free.
4 Hour Fishing Trip $100.00 Cdn $375.00 Cdn (Max 4 people)
Full Day Fishing $100.00 Cdn $600.00 Cdn (Max 4 people)
4 Hour Gulf Island Tour $100.00 Cdn $450.00 Cdn (Max 6 people)
Full Day Gulf Island Tour $100.00 Cdn $650.00 Cdn (Max 6 people)
3 Hour Crabbing/Touring $100.00 Cdn $300.00 Cdn (Max 4 people)

Deposits are refundable with a minimum of one weeks notice of cancellation. If your trip is cancelled due to weather or mechanical issues you will receive a full refund of your deposit.